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Formed in 2016, Collective Thought’s music fuses pulsating reggae, hip-hop, and soul into a unique sound characterized by stylish riddims and brilliant harmonies. Full of visceral passion, the band’s sound exudes charismatic textures, while their lyrics take on social issues, philosophical and existential questions, racism, sexism, and status.

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"Rise, a 10-track funky, dubby album, features profound lyrics, jazzy elements, rapping vocals, soft melodies, philosophical monologues and enough calls to action that you feel invigorated to make a difference just by tuning in. In summary, this album has it all."

"The group blends soul, hip-hop, reggae and dub to create a unique sound that you just have to hear."

"Kristy Rose'

Autumn Vibes - a night of HipHop & Reggae

Event Dates

SAT. OCT 6 9:30pm-1:30am

Flamingo Cantina

515 E 6th ST. Austin,TX 78701